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When you are hungry in your mind you will have a lot of dishes from water dishes, dry dishes, steamed dishes, or baked goods. All will show up in your mind and stimulate your stomach strongly. Especially for grilled dishes is the last thing you want to eat. And an indispensable support device is a charcoal grill, all of which make the meat and ribs perfect, completely stimulating you.

The aroma of barbecue makes it impossible to resist its appeal, the incredible aroma, and the wonderful taste that it creates. With a charcoal grill, it will create a delicious taste and cannot be denied.

In today’s article, we will introduce you to the 5 best products and give you reviews about it so that you can easily select the product.

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill
Products are designed to be simple, highly reliable and always achieve high scores for users. It controls the temperature of the baking grill and it can even be used as a smoker.

One-Touch cleaning system provides a hassle-free ash cleaning service. Enamel lid and bowl keep heat and do not rust or peel, creating high durability for the product.

Use the lid hook to avoid placing the lid on the ground during baking. Dampers allow you to easily control the temperature inside your grill. It is made of durable steel material that retains heat and is easy to clean.

These accessories are available

As one of the largest baking grill manufacturer in 120 years. This product comes with a number of baking accessories, such as:

Ceramic smoked stone and pizza stone turn your daily kettle into the smoker and cook pizza.
Rotisserie with electric motor easily rotates birds
The rack mounted on the grill for food is done and needs to be kept warm.


Great flexibility so you are very flexible while using this charcoal grill.
The grill is hinged, so you can easily add the charcoal without having to remove the entire plate of food.
Easy to clean, when the griddle cools just one-touch cleaning operation to shake the ash into the ash catcher and you can use the remaining coal for the next time.


The three-legged design makes your grill unstable if you need to move it on an uneven surface such as rock or grass.
The thermometer is on the opposite side of the lid with the vent so when next cooking the thermometer will measure the hot side of the bowl, not the meat

Kamado Hoe Kj23RHC Ceramic, Class II Charcoal Grill
As an Asian-style charcoal grill, Kamado is a thick-walled professional grill that delivers rich, smoky flavors for meats, fish, and vegetables. Kamado Joe prides itself on that tradition, modernizing the classic grilling style with great finesse.

Kamado Joe Classic II includes new enhancements, featuring a thick, heat-resistant housing that keeps smoke and moisture at all temperatures. Smoke at 225F with the exact Kontrol temperature using the Kontrol Tower Top vent or raise the fire to 750F and heat it with charcoal flavored directly on the Divide and Conquer 2-story baking systems.


Attract serious grillers, and are appreciated for the elegance of the product
The latest upgrades such as airlift hinges reduce 95% of the cover weight.
Control Tower Top vent prevents rust, keeping airflow settings – that’s how you control the temperature – precisely during the opening and closing of the arch.
This is the first choice if you want different foods at the same time.


The product is heavy, so it is difficult to move around.
High prices are one of the obstacles limiting products to consumers.

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill
Weber’s performance is the easiest of the charcoal grills and there are many convenient features built into the griddle. 22-inch diameter ceramic enamel bowl and lid with the 363-inch square cooking area.
The electronic Touch-n-Go gas ignition system allows you to ignite coal at the push of a button. The removable LCD stopwatch is attached to the grill’s worktable and is an easy way to set a timer for preheating and preheating sessions.

The integrated lid thermometer shows the internal temperature of your grill knowing when to adjust the heat. Easy one-touch cleaning provides hassle-free removal of bar ash and debris by scanning it into a removable, high capacity ash removal tool.

These accessories are available

Baked shells
Char-Basket holder
Weber rotary toolset
Weber 21 stainless steel rake coal.


The handy painted metal side panel is attached. Convenient when performing a quick foil wrap, lifting the hamburgers onto the plate.

The easy-to-clean system and ash pan are big enough to hold a bowl of debris the chef can handle with minimal clutter.

Built-in thermometer, adjustable dampers, easy-to-read LCD timer, and charcoal storage provide an easy baking experience


A hook on the domed cover would be great but this product doesn’t
The heavy grill is difficult to move and not highly portable.

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal

The Go-Anywhere portable charcoal grill delivers the taste of wherever you go and wants to take it with you. The lock covers are easy to move and its rectangular shape fits perfectly in the back of most vehicles.

Weber’s Go-Anywhere charcoal grill is a great companion for your camping parties. This compact device has a surprisingly spacious grill area – big enough to fit four medium steaks.

You can lock the lid into place with the pivot foot and carry this light grill with one hand. The integrated lid holder allows you to place the lid next to the grill to create an effective wind barrier. The triple nickel-coated wire mesh is easy to clean, and the enameled ceramic lid and box are made to survive.


The grill is effective, the legs rotate like a lid so that when you take it all is guaranteed to be safe from tearing or falling off.
Handling keeps cool while cooking.
Two dampers allow you to control heat and cooking time
Positive flap mounts are useful if there is wind as you can place the flap on the side to create a windbreak
Porcelain enamel coating prevents rust and fading to keep your product beautiful and new
Good price


It is unstable on its thin feet. Be sure to keep babies away
No ash to handle after cooking must be lined with foil for easy cleaning
Smaller size and amount of coal are used and it takes a little time for coal to heat up.

PK Grills PK Original Outdoor Charcoal Portable Grill & Smoker Combination

A charcoal grill and smoker – unique capsule shape and 4 vents make it easy to heat quickly and quickly. Made of anti-rust aluminum, durable, lightweight and 4 times more effective heat conduction than steel griddle.

This product weights 45lbs and with cool retro design makes you feel satisfied when using. Simple yet rugged, the cast aluminum structure helps you to best control airflow, retain heat and control the temperature of any full size charcoal grill.

The product has four air vents that allow it to be easily switched from high temperature baking to low and slow roasting. The hinge is also cast in aluminum which means no rust, in fact aluminum is known to be anti-rust so the oven will last for long.

And you just need to put it in the cart and you just cart and wait to receive the product and use


The charcoal grill is a perfect product for baked goods. Especially on weekends you gather with friends or family gatherings. Griddle for dishes becomes more attractive and brings interesting feeling to you. To choose the best and most suitable charcoal grill. You can refer to a few tips to avoid embarrassing when buying a charcoal grill for yourself

Hopefully the above share about the top 5 charcoal grill products that will help you choose a product that meets your requirements and uses.

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